Car Accident Lawyer: Common Car Accident Mistakes To Avoid

As a driver, you will at one time have a car accident. It’s recommended that you contact a car accident lawyer as soon as you have an accident. Studies have shown that up to 80% of car accident victims don’t contact lawyers. This results to them making many costly mistakes. Here are some of the common mistakes and how to avoid them:

Giving insurance statements without consulting a lawyer

When you report an accident to your insurance provider, an insurance adjuster is sent to you. Adjusters are trained to confuse accident victims to make damaging statements. While they may seem friendly and sympathetic on the outside, remember that they aren’t your friends. The only thing that they are after is the damaging statement that will help the insurance company pay you less money than you deserve.

Sometimes you can make a statement that is too damaging to the extent that the insurance company won’t pay you. To be on the safe side, always consult your personal injury attorney before making the statement. The professional will guide you on how to make the statement. He/she may also make the statement on your behalf.

Taking too long before getting medical care

Some victims take a long time before going to the hospital. Most of the people who don’t go to the hospital are those that assume that their injuries are too minor. This not only endangers their lives, it also minimizes their chances of getting their deserved compensation. To get the necessary medical records and have the injury treated before it becomes problematic, you should see a doctor as soon as you have the accident.

Settling too fast

Studies have shown that many accident victims don’t like long court battles. Due to this they settle too fast in order to end the matter. To get what you deserve you shouldn’t be in a hurry of settling. If you don’t like the court process hire an experienced defense attorney who will present you in court and get your full compensation.

Not going after compensation

While some victims settle at a price that is so low, others are clueless and end up spending their own money to cater for their medical bills and repair their cars. The reason why some victims end up paying from their pockets is that they don’t understand how to go about it. This is where a personal injury attorney comes in. Most attorneys are versed with knowledge on how to maneuver the insurance corridors and get your settlement.

Accident – Tips You Should Follow

There could be various reasons for an accident. The automobile is in the end a machine, and like any other machine it could develop faults. There could be some problem with roads, it could be slippery, and there could be pot holes, oil and hundreds of other reason. The other reason could be influence of alcohol, drugs or attention diversion. In case you are in an accident, then it is advisable that you consult a lawyer. Laws differ from state to state, to gain proper knowledge about accident laws ; it is good to consult a good lawyer.  The court does give you a chance to represent yourself, but then, there are certain cases in which, and a lawyer is the best option.

Tips you should follow after auto accident

·  Stay calm

The first impulse after an auto accident is to run from the scene. But it is always advisable to stay calm and composed. This will also help you get over the aftershock and understand the situation better. Running away from the accident scene often has an adverse effect on the case. Others would often believe that because you ran away from the crime scene, there is a good reason you might be guilty. The evidence could be presented in a way so as to emphasize that you tried to escape.

·  Emergency Call

Once you gain your composure, call 911 or emergency services. With all the protective gear that is being installed in automobiles, people do not get severely injured on the surface. You won’t see bruises or cuts on the skin, but there could be chances of internal damages. So, it is always safe to call emergency services. This would be for not just your benefit, but for the benefit of the other person in the accident. And therefore might help to support your plea.

·  Evidence

If you are in an accident and can move around, then take as many circumstantial pictures as possible. It is always better to take pictures of the scene as is, so that it can help you in future. But remember; take pictures after you have called for emergency services, if needed. If you are not able to move, you can request a bystander to take pictures or video and then save it on your phone.

Once you have followed these steps, give all the information to your lawyer. Pictures and the steps that you took would then help in making the case easy for the lawyer. There are several good accident lawyers that you can consult to fight your case.

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