Signs that You’ve been in a Healthy Relationship

You might be wondering about a “healthy relationship”. In life, there might be dozens of examples that might be relevant to the phrase you are thinking of. For instance, an old couple walking in the park while debating about how they need to advise their son-in-law about his job. Or perhaps, an indifferent couple who never seems to brag about their relationship in public. Or maybe a healthy relationship is a nice duo with a balanced work and family life.

In fact, there is no one-size-fits-for-all. Your ideal and successful relationship definition could be different from the examples that I’ve mentioned above. But there are indeed some signs that you can read to assure yourself that you’ve been in a healthy relationship.

You can be honest with your feelings.

There is no barrier between the two of you so that you can express your feelings freely. You both feel each other. The great level of comfort between the two of you is so resilient that you don’t have to find the “perfect time” to express your feelings. You can speak your mind freely, so does he or she.

You’re on the same page.

Obviously, you can’t avoid the differences in your relationship. After all, it is made up of different individuals. You don’t call all the shots, nor does your partner. But both of you can decide what to do next in life. From what place to visit, where to live, the plans for the next five years, and so on. When you both find the best common ground, it can lead to a healthy relationship.

You both won’t struggle to laugh.

It is a very crucial sign to lead to healthy relationships. Both of you must have laughter and fun in the process. You don’t have to travel around the world, break the bank, or do other lavish activities to have a healthier relationship. Even so, you can have that one in simple activities like jogging in the park, making breakfast, watching movies, and so on.

You can value each other.

It is important to make sure that you have each other as naturally as possible. Your relationship won’t suddenly improve to the next level. Both of you can see the reality. It is not a perfect relationship, but you can value each other in the process. It can make a healthier relationship.

Respect each other’s space

It is a great idea to have everything together. But it does not mean you will always be with your partner. You can take your time for your hobbies or interests while keeping your relationship well as well. Give both individuals the opportunity to grow. In fact, when everyone in your relationship grows individually, it will also be beneficial for your current relationship.

You are not holding back.

If there is something that bothers you, you can fight with your partner. Well, it might sound bad, but it is much better than if both of you didn’t talk at all. Remember I mentioned the old couple who fought in the park? That’s the key to their healthy relationship.

Both of you don’t hesitate to say those words.

YES, you’ve guessed it right. You don’t have to struggle to say Thank you, I’m Sorry, I Love You, and so on. A healthy relationship removes the barriers to saying those words.

Have you read at least one of the signs mentioned above?

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