6 Things To Do When Your Commercial Freezer Is Not Freezing

Commercial freezers are among the most important kitchen appliances in commercial businesses. These machines are designed to be rigid and perform throughout the day to serve fresh meals and drinks to the customers. Modern commercial freezers are reliable and not many business owners tend to pay attention until something goes wrong. If your commercial freezer is not freezing, it means something is either interfering or has malfunctioned. It’s better if you leave it commercial appliances repair services.

But, sometimes, the issue can be resolved easily. So, we will go through the potential reasons combined with some troubleshooting tips for you to tackle the situation.

Reset The Thermostat

The first thing you are going to do when it comes to your commercial freezer not freezing is reset the thermostat. Believe it or not, it is quite easy for employees and other people to accidentally adjust the thermostat confusing it with something else.

Plus, it could also be that someone adjusted the temperature based on the food items stored inside. The reason is that some products must be stored at a specific temperature. Resetting the thermostat is an easy task that will help it return to its original settings.

On the other hand, it could also be that the thermostat is malfunctioning. Modern commercial freezers come with an in-built thermostat but if you have an older version and have installed an aftermarket thermostat, chances are that it needs to be replaced. You can try replacing the batteries to see if it works but replacing the thermostat might be the only option.

Additionally, the thermostat might also have a calibration issue. If the freezer was recently maintained, chances that it requires recalibration. To fix the issue, you will need to call in a professional.

Clean The Coils

Cleaning and maintenance of coils is the most overlooked factor in commercial freezers. The coils are designed to dissipate heat produced as a result of the cooling process. With time, layers of dust and dirt tend to accumulate on the coils, making heat dissipation difficult.

This is why experts suggest cleaning the coils at least once a month or more based on the usage frequency and location of the commercial freezer. If the unit is located near other appliances, there is a chance of the coils getting frequently dirty.

Fortunately, cleaning the coils is very easy. All you need to do is grab a soft cleaning brush or a cloth and a cleaning agent. Spray it on the coils and let the accumulation break down. Then, wipe away the dirt with a cloth.

Check The Freezer Door Seals And Gasket

If you did not know, both commercial and household freezers come with seals and gaskets that maintain the temperature by preventing the outside air from getting mixed with the inside air. These seals and gaskets are found in different areas of the unit, especially the door.

Seals and gaskets are primarily made from plastic or rubber. With time, due to constant door opening and closing, the seals and gaskets wear out and cause the outside air to enter inside. This causes an imbalance and eventually leads to food spoilage.

That said, if your commercial freezer is struggling to freeze, it might be that the air is escaping and it is not able to maintain its temperature. This can make the freezer overwork which can put strain on some components leading to damage and can also increase utility bills.

So, before checking other parts of the freezer, make sure to give the seals and gaskets a check. If there are any cracks or damages, you must replace the seals and gaskets.

Replacing both is quite easy, but someone who is doing for the first time may make mistakes. So, you should consult commercial refrigerator services Fairfax who can fix or replace them without flaws.

Make Sure The Compressor Is Working

The compressor is an integral part of the commercial freezer. As the term suggests, it compresses the refrigerant to produce cool air. This is why compressors rely heavily on their refrigerant to function smoothly. Compressors are durable, but they also have a lifespan.

Compressors leak due to rust, corrosion, or damage due to extreme weather conditions. They might also leak if the unit was previously serviced by an amateur. This could be a serious issue as a low refrigerant level might cause the compressor to malfunction.

The reason is that the compressor will work much more because of the air the freezer is losing. Eventually, it will heat up and need to be replaced. Keep in mind that compressors are expensive and need due to care and maintenance. A tell-tale sign of a compressor malfunctioning is the compressor turning off abruptly or tripping the breaker.

Storing Above Capacity

Commercial freezers are relatively bigger than household freezers. But this does not mean that you get to store it with items way above its storage capacity. Most business owners tend to do this without realizing the consequences. There is a reason freezers come with compartments.

If your commercial freezer is not freezing the way it should be or you observe some food items are spoiling, it means your commercial freezer is excessively stacked. In such a case, cool air will not distribute or circulate properly inside, causing the unit to struggle.

This is why you should always follow the user manual and store food items based on the storage capacity.

Bad Start Relay

Another reason your commercial refrigerator might not be freezing is due to a bad start relay. The relay is supplies power to the compressor. If the compressor is not receiving any signal from it, it simply won’t turn on. You can inspect the condition of the start relay by locating and removing it.

If it produces a rattling-like sound, it means the relay has to be replaced. The start relay and other electric components may malfunction due to various reasons. Massive electric fluctuation tends to be the most common reason. Luckily, replacing the start relay is not that expensive.

However, the situation shall not repeat. If it does, it means there is something wrong with the power supply. In this case, you should consult an expert. Playing around with electricity can result in severe injuries

How To Avoid Commercial Freezer Problems?

The best way to avoid commercial freezer problems is by offering professional maintenance. Professional maintenance ensures your commercial freezer is thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Not only that, the expert can identify any potential repairs and replacements before they affect other components or break down during peak business hours.

Professional maintenance should take place at least once or twice a year. Plus, always choose a certified professional. Such a service will surely cost you and can be expensive but is an investment in terms of avoiding troubles down the road.


Your commercial freezer might struggle to freeze due to a variety of reasons. Instead of panicking, you should be aware of the troubleshooting tips. This helps you get straight to the problem without wasting time and effort. On top of that, always keep a professional on speed dial for commercial freezer repairs Springfield if something complicated comes up. Some problems are better handled by experts.

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