Dos And Don’ts Of Using Refrigerators

Refrigerators are one of the most important and used appliances in any household. You should ensure that they last long and don’t break down leading to refrigerator repair. here are some things you need to remember when using or maintaining a refrigerator, in general.

Don’t Always Opt For Expensive

You might think that getting an expensive brand of refrigerator is going to save you from regular maintenance, sudden breaking down and other pros, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, expensive isn’t synonymous with good quality.

You can get great and durable refrigerators for a reasonable price and they won’t disappoint you, in the long run. So, the next time you’re looking for a new refrigerator, look at all of the options.

Do Clean The Refrigerator

This tip should go without saying, but a lot of the time, people neglect the cleanliness aspect of the refrigerator. You must be keeping your refrigerator clean. This means that you should clean away any spills on the racks, clean the vents from time to time, and don’t forget about the side shelves and drawers.

A clean refrigerator means better performance and while you’re at it, you can also discard any produce that’s going bad, any expired packaged foods, and other things that are just taking up unnecessary space in your refrigerator.

Do Check Reviews

Are you confused about choosing a certain brand or type of refrigerator? There are so many variants of refrigerators that you don’t know which one is better, so the best thing that will help you out is research. If you want to get a specific brand of refrigerator, then read reviews of customers who have bought the same refrigerators and analyze the pros and cons.

A lot of people love the look of double-door fridges, so you can check out reviews on those as well. Reviews will really help you to decide which refrigerator is the best for you.

Don’t Overfill

This might sound misleading, but you don’t want to skip this important piece of advice. Your refrigerator is meant to be stocked up, yes, but that doesn’t mean that you fill it to the brim. This is going to affect the cooling and your food might end up getting spoiled.

You must keep the capacity of the refrigerator in mind and try to fill it up reasonably; not too much and not too little. Overfilling and under-filling a refrigerator can lead to issues and you’ll be ruining the sole purpose of the appliance, which is to preserve and cool.

Do Check The Temperature

Setting the right temperature in the refrigerator is crucial, but a lot of the time, people tend to wing it. You don’t want to set the temperature too low, otherwise, your electricity bill will go through the roof. However, you don’t want to set it too high either, because then things will not be cold enough. You want to set it in the middle and this might take you a couple of tries first, but you will get there.

Some refrigerators have numbers, while some have actual temperature values. You need to set the temperature between 35 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit, or on number 4 or 5. You will get maximum cooling and you won’t be wasting a ton of electricity either.

Don’t Forget The Water Filter

This tip is important to remember, especially if you have refrigerators with a water filter feature. Not all refrigerators have water filters, but if yours does, then you want to ensure that you’re replacing them every couple of months.

The carbon filter, if not replaced timely, can lead to clogging of pipes and that can mess up the internal assembly of the fridge. So, if you want cold and clean water on demand, then don’t forget about the water filter.

Do Inspect The Fan Motor

This is the heart of the refrigerator and you need to maintain it to ensure that the appliance works properly. The evaporator fan is what’s responsible for circulating air in the refrigerator unit and it keeps things fresh and cold.

Sometimes, this fan can get damaged or the motor can stop working. This can be easily identified by inspecting the compressor. If the machine is running, but the fan isn’t, then it probably means that there is a fault in the fan and you need to inspect it.

Another troubleshooting step to identify a broken motor is by checking the cooling of the fridge in general. If the walls of the refrigerator are warm to the touch, the food is not getting cold fast enough and there’s no white air coming out of the vents or from the refrigerator as you open the door, then the compressor or the motor is in need of some maintenance.

A lot of the time, the motor is mechanically fine, but it might run out of gas, so you need to get it refilled for the refrigerator to start working properly again. Hire a refrigerator ice maker repair Fairfax expert to check the unit first and then carry out the refilling process.

Don’t Put Hot Food In Directly

You might have heard about this a lot, but you don’t want to put piping hot food in the refrigerator. This is because this temperature is perfect for bacteria and mold to grow and thrive and you don’t want to spoil your food.

This is why you must let the leftover food get to room temperature before putting it in the fridge, otherwise, you’re just turning your refrigerator into a bacteria and fungus-infected hot spot and you definitely don’t want that.

Also, it’s better to cover the food, before putting it in the fridge, to prevent weird smells in the unit.

Do Store Food Properly

The art of preserving and storing food properly in the fridge is something not everyone can master and this is what makes all of the difference. For fruits and vegetables, it’s best to take them out of any plastic packaging and store them in the drawers provided. As for soups, curries, and liquid foods, putting them in airtight plastic or glass containers will do the trick.

If you have any leftover veggies that are already cut, then you don’t want to put them back in, as is. Rather, you want to either store it in a container or seal it with cling film to preserve it, not let it get spoiled, and prevent funky odors.

Don’t Conceal The Vents

Surprisingly, this is a very common mistake a lot of people make. When storing foods in the refrigerator, you want to ensure that you’re not blocking the vents on the walls of the unit.

If you see closely, there are vents and slots in the refrigerator unit that allow cool air to circulate throughout and if you block them with food containers and bottles, then the refrigerator is not going to perform properly. It can lead to irreversible and irreparable damage to the appliance.


These things can make or break a refrigerator and you need to be careful by following these tips. You will see a world of difference in how your refrigerator performs. And if your fridge requires repair, get it done from skilled appliance repair Springfield technicians.

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