Professional Painters: Taking A Look At Shapes Of Painting Brushes

Painting brushes have a great impact on the quality of your painting. Professional painters report that painting brushes come in different shapes that are ideal for different applications.

Shapes of painting brushes

Round: The brushes can have a round or pointed tip. These brushes are ideal for use in sketching, filling in small areas, creating thin to thick lines, and undertaking detailed projects. These brushes have a thin top that gets wider the more you press it down. When painting using this unit, use thin paint instead of thick.

Pointed round: It’s narrower than the round paintbrush and has a sharply pointed tip. The brush is ideal for use in painting delicate areas, retouching, and spotting.

Flat: This brush is rectangular with a blunt end. In most cases, the end has long hairs. It’s ideal for use in making bold strokes, filling wide spaces, and washes. You can also use it to paint fine lines, straight edges, and stripes. The long hairs are ideal for varnishing.

Bright: According to painting contractors, these brushes are similar to flat brushes but have shorter hairs. The edges are usually curved inwards at the tip and are ideal for short controlled strokes. Experts recommend using them when you want to achieve thick, heavy color. When painting, you should hold the brush close to you for you to achieve ideal results.

Filbert: A filbert brush is rectangular and has a rounded end. It features medium to long hairs. Most of people refer to the brushes as a blend of the rounds (as you can use them to paint even detailed areas) and flat (as you can cover large areas with them). You should use the brushes for oval or crescent strokes.

Fan: It features flat, spread hairs. The hairs make the brushes ideal for use in blending, smoothing, and feathering. You should go for brushes with synthetic hairs to create textual effects, clouds, and other features. When using acrylic paint, go for brushes with strong hair. This is to prevent the hairs from clumping when you add paint.

These are the most common shapes you will find in painting brushes. When buying the brushes, ensure that you buy them from a reputable store. This is to increase your chances of buying high-quality units. You can do the painting work by yourself or hire local painting contractors to help you out.

Professional Painters: Guide To Proper Exterior House Painting

To complete the look of your house, you also need to paint its exterior. For you to achieve ideal results you need to do a number of things:

Buy the right exterior paint

According to professional painters, your house is as good looking as the paint you use. When making the purchase, you should go for high-quality paint designed for exterior use. Many people make the mistake of buying cheap paint in order to save money but this shouldn’t be you. As rule of thumb, you should go for high-quality paint. While it will be expensive to buy at the start, it will be worth it in the long run as it will last for long. It also will look good for a long time.

Before you head to the store, you should take your time to estimate the amount of paint you will need by measuring and multiplying the height and width of the painting surface. To save money and time you should buy the paint in large quantities instead of many small ones. Some people feel that they should buy paint from different manufacturers in order to have variety but you shouldn’t do this as it often leads to poor results.

Properly prepare your painting surfaces

Just as it’s important to buy the right paint, it’s also very important to properly prepare the painting surfaces. Remember that the paint won’t stick properly if you don’t properly prepare the surfaces. If you had painted the walls previously you should wash them with a detergent in order to get rid of the dirt. If there are damaged areas, use a wire brush to scrape and rub it down. You should be cautious when doing it as you risk damaging the brickwork.

Exterior house painting contractors also recommend that you treat the mold areas with a fungicidal product and repair any cracks with a filler or sealant. For ideal results, seal the new or sound bare surfaces with a masonry paint primer that will allow the walls to breathe. For the powdery surfaces, apply a stabilizing primer.


The exterior of your house should look as good as the interior. This calls for you to observe all the necessary measures to ensure that the work is professionally one. You should buy high-quality paint, professionally prepare the surfaces, and hire experienced local painting contractors to do the work.

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