How to Lose Belly Fat with the Zero Belly Diet

When people decide to “go on a diet,” they know that this is a temporary choice. They are going to go on a diet, but they are not going to stick to that diet plan. As a consequence, they lose weight by following a crash diet, but much of it is healthy lean muscle tissue. With less muscle, the metabolism is set at a lower point. So when they quit dieting, even if they eat the exact quantity of the food as they used to eat before, they will start gaining more fat than they originally carried. So, instead of following such diets, follow zero belly diet.

Zero Belly Diet makes use of science behind nutritional genetics. Food can turn your genes on and off. Simply making some of the changes to your lifestyle and diet, it is possible to improve gut health, reduce inflammation, turn off fat genes and burn body fat –particularly belly fat.

This weight loss diet focuses on removing visceral fat around the belly area. It provides fast and long-term weight loss results. The zero belly diet will cleanse your body from inside out and you will feel fresh and healthy.

Zero Belly Diet:

Start your day with morning walk

Researches show that exposure to sunlight in morning hours reduces the risk of weight gain irrespective of activity level, caloric consumption or age. The morning sunlight harmonizes metabolism and weakens fat genes.

Take oatmeal in the breakfast

Naturally sweetened oatmeal is an important part of zero belly diet. You can use fruits to add sweetness to your oatmeal. This combination contains insoluble fibers that reduce cholesterol and feeds the healthy bacteria in your body.

Enjoy red fruits

Red fruits contain high phytonutrient. The fruits like apples, blueberry, red grapes, red grapefruit etc. are very helpful in burning body fat.

Refresh yourself with plant smoothies

The zero belly vegetable smoothies are full of goodness. These drinks are great hunger squelchers and muscle builders. Along with making you slim, these smoothies will bring natural glow on your face.

Power-up with egg proteins

Egg is the best source of choline. Choline does not allow the gene mechanism to store fat around your liver.

Enjoy magic elixir

Start each your day with “spa water”—that is filled with sliced whole oranges, lemons or grapefruit. Drink this infused water throughout the day.

Exercise tips for weight loss

When you are ready to work out several times a week to lose weight and to get fit, you look for an exercise routine that provide maximum results in the minimum time. There are many effective exercises for weight loss that tone and shape body in the best possible manner. In order to lose weight, your calorie expenditure should be more than calorie consumption. With right exercises, you can expend the calories that you have consumed.

Exercise to lose weight

Exercises are important for overall health, but they become more important when it comes to weight loss. In order to get benefit from the exercises, you need to do them right. Here are some tips to boost your weight loss results from exercise.

Watch what you eat

People complain about not losing weight even after following a rigorous workout routine. It happens because they cancel out the calorie burn by consuming more calories. Exercise and dieting are directly proportional to each other, when it comes to weight loss. No matter how many hours you sweat in gym, all your efforts will go wasted, if you don’t pay attention over your diet.

Boost your energy level

While working out body replenish salt and sugar with sweat, and water alone cannot replace it. You should drink sports drink to bring the mineral level of your blood close to normal, so that you can stay energetic throughout your workout session.

Exercise doesn’t just mean the gym

In order to lose weight, it is not compulsory to join gym. You can lose weight by exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, cycling etc. Any activity that causes your muscles moving and heart rate going will help.

Walk your way to weight loss

It is not necessary to do high-intensity workout to lose weight either. Simple workouts are effective as well. Moderate exercise like walking has good impact on weight loss. When it comes to weight loss, consistency matters more than intensity.

Shun the scales

When you lose fat, you gain muscle, and muscle mass weigh more than fat. Thus, your new weight might scare you. However, it is a complicated topic.

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