How To Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive?

Your kitchen is probably the most used area in your house, so it’s a good idea to make it look beautiful at all times. Here are some kitchen remodeling tips that will make your kitchen look like a thousand bucks without actually having to spend a lot of money.

Add Natural Materials

If you’ve looked at model kitchens in home interior magazines, then one common thing that a lot of spaces have is the incorporation of natural materials. This means that the kitchens will always have hints of natural stones, wood, concrete, and other materials.

These materials have a beautifully rustic appeal to them and they can make your kitchen look expensive without having to do a lot.

Change The Hardware

If you want to make your kitchen look instantly better and more expensive-looking, then one thing that you can do is change up the hardware. This includes changing up the cabinet handles, taps and faucets of the sink, and even door and window handles. This change might not seem like a lot, but it’s going to make your kitchen look more opulent and the best part is that it’s instant and it doesn’t cost you a lot either.

Changing up the hardware of your kitchen is a great remodeling tip as well, that’s going to make your kitchen look breathtaking, without having to break the bank.

Plants Are A Game Changer

Another thing that you can add to your kitchen to make it look luxurious and something out of an interior model magazine is to add plants and shrubs.

These can be real or artificial plants depending on how willing you are to maintain them. But the main gist of this is that the green from the plants is going to elevate the look of your kitchen, and coupled with minimal décor, this addition is going to make your kitchen look out of this world and extremely mesmerizing to the eye. You can go for small shrubs or even hang some pots from the ceiling by the windows.

Keep Things Light

The right wall color of your kitchen is also going to make a huge difference in how your kitchen looks. If you’ve seen opulent kitchens, then one thing all of them have in common is the light wash of color on the walls. Luxury kitchens consist of nothing but minimal décor and lightly painted walls. You don’t need to make your kitchen look expensive by adding accents of gold or having the best of the best appliances and utensils.

Making a kitchen look luxurious is all about the details and how you place certain things. So, going for lighter colors on the walls is not only going to make your kitchen look luxurious, but it’s also going to give an illusion of a bigger and cleaner space.

Add Wooden Flooring

Something about wooden floors is just so majestic that you can’t help but get lured by the beauty of them. Wooden floors are a great way to add that element of luxury and opulence to your kitchen, but be warned, these floors are extremely hard to maintain, so if you’re committing to them, get them installed by expert kitchen remodeling contractors Rockville and make sure that you maintain them well too, so that they last for longer.

Go For Stools

Stools are a bit more luxurious than normal chairs and incorporating them in your kitchen is going to help bring out the luxurious appeal more. Stools are more minimal and delicate, and they also double up as décor for the kitchen, so they’re a perfect option to go for if you feel like something is missing in your kitchen.

If you have a kitchen with a combined dining area, then you can opt for long stools over chairs for the table or breakfast bar and that’s going to change the entire look of the kitchen.

Unique Light Fixtures

Did you know that you can use light fixtures as decoration? The right light fixtures can set the mood and make your space look luxurious. There are so many options available, when it comes to kitchen lighting. You can certainly find something that fits your style and needs.

Hanging lights are the most popular type of lights that you can go for. They provide abundant light in the areas where you need it the most and the look of these lights is amazing and you will fall in love with how your kitchen looks.

Keep It Organized

The beauty of a luxurious kitchen lies in the fact that everything is organized and in place. There is nothing more off-putting than a kitchen that’s messy and cluttered. You want to ensure that there is a lot of organizational space in the kitchen so that you can put away all of the things in designated places.

This is not only going to make things look tidy, but you’re also not going to have a hard time looking for certain things and utensils, which is going to make things a lot more practical and make cooking and working in the kitchen fun.

Open Shelving

This concept of shelving is recent, but it’s taking the world of kitchen décor by storm. Open shelving means that there is an open space for all the things to be situated. Normally, shelves have cabinets and doors that you can use to encase certain things in, but open shelving gives the illusion of a bigger space and there’s no bulky or choppy feel to the entire layout of the kitchen, which is amazing.

A lot of people tend to go for this option in smaller kitchens because these shelves don’t take up a lot of space and they look pretty awesome too.

Minimal Dining Area

This tip goes for kitchens with combined dining areas. If you have a dining table in your kitchen, then you can use it to your advantage, to make the entire space look opulent and beautiful. Firstly, if you can, try to go for a dining table that’s completely made out of wood.

You might think that it’s going to be a splurge, but you can easily get your hands on a used dining table from online marketplaces that is going to cost you a lot less. Also, try to decorate it minimally, to make the material the center of attention.

Accents Of Color

Lastly, if you want your kitchen to look absolutely beautiful with a hint of luxury, then you can add accents of color here and there. This is a very common trick a lot of people use to make their kitchen look like a treat for the eyes.

The best way by which you can do so is to go for lighting fixtures that are of different colors, cabinets having contrasting trims, artwork in the kitchen with bold frames, and the list goes on.


Making your kitchen look expensive isn’t really that hard at all. All you need is a bit of creativity and inspiration and you can transform your kitchen into something that looks out of this world. Need more help? Get suggestions from kitchen remodeling companies Bowie for making your kitchen appear expensive and luxurious.

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