What Happens In Hair Color Correction?

So, you want to dye your hair and want it to look perfect? Well, there’s more than just hair dye that goes into a color change. Here is everything you need to know about hair color correction, how it’s done, and why you need a hair color correction specialist.

What Is Hair Color Correction?

Have you ever had your hair bleached? Well, then you might be familiar with the weird and patchy brassy and orange color that shows on your hair afterward. This can happen due to many reasons. Firstly, your hair might be too dark and it needs to be bleached gradually, rather than in one go. Secondly, the right developer wasn’t used during the bleaching process and now your hair is turning into an orange brassy mess.

You might think that you’re done for and there’s no way around it, but there’s a way to make your hair look a lot more even again and get rid of the red and orange patches. That’s done by color correction. Think of color correction as correcting your hair through the application of toners/chemicals. These things are basically the “magic elixir “which even out your hair. There are different toners used for the hair and that depends on the existing color of the hair.

For orange tones in your hair, a purple toner will be applied to the hair, which will neutralize the harsh tones in your hair and make it look even again. As for the brassy and red undertones, a blue toner will be used to color-correct your hair. A lot of the time, color correction can also be the reapplication of hair dye to darken the hair color, because sometimes, most hair dyes take more than one application to get the true color to show on the locks.

Keep in mind that hair color correction isn’t a one-time thing. Depending on your hair color and the specific type of dye you’re going for, it can take 3 to 5 appointments to finally get the results you’re looking for. This is a process of patience and you need to put some trust in the process, to get the desired results.

Another huge misconception about hair color correction is that splotchy and brassy hair can be fixed in no time. That is not the case at all. You need to be patient and not damage your hair while trying to fix the mess. A lot of the time, you might have to wait for weeks, before you can go to a salon and get your hair fixed. The waiting game is necessary because over-dyeing your hair can lead to extreme damage and it can cause the hair to fall off.

How Is Hair Color Correction Done?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how a successful hair color correction is done.

Make An Appointment

So, you’ve tried to bleach your hair at home and it turned into a disaster? Well, that’s to be expected, if it’s your first time trying to dye your hair. There’s no time for beating yourself up for it now. You want to think about how you can contain and control the damage as much as possible. This is the time to hit a salon you trust. You definitely don’t want to experiment with a new salon or hair colorist at this point, because your hair is way past the point of experimentation.

When you make an appointment with a hair colorist or a balayage hair salon Rockville, make sure to go over the details of what exactly you want to achieve. The hair colorist will take a thorough look at your hair and come to a conclusion of what treatment and correction are needed for your hair to look beautiful and even again. Once the appointment is done, you can move on to the next step.

The Health Of The Hair Is Assessed

The hair colorist will not jump straight into a color correction if your hair is extremely damaged and brittle. This is going to make your hair even weaker and ruin the follicles too. You might want to spend a few weeks with the patches of brass and red in your hair, because your hair needs time to heal before it can be chemically treated again with hair dye or toners.

Try to wait for a week or two, at least, before you even think about color correction. Usually, the recommended time for waiting before a color correction is anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks.

The Type Of Color Correction

Now is the time to think about what type of color correction you need to make your hair look even again. There are a couple of choices of color correction you can go for, depending on the damage to your hair and the end results you want to achieve.

Toning is done to get rid of the brassy and orange tones in your hair. This is done by applying a treatment on your hair to neutralize the harsh remnants of bleach and this is followed up by a permanent routine in which you will need to switch to specific shampoos which have color toners and neutralizers in them, to help tone your hair on a regular basis.

Color correction can also be done by bleaching the hair again. This is done when you want to lighten your existing darker hair.

You can also have your hair dyed again, to color-correct it. Some colors don’t show on your hair completely, unless they are applied a couple of times, with an interval in between, to really get the maximum intensity of the color in your locks.

How Many Corrections Are Needed?

Lastly, your hair colorist will also go over the number of treatments you will need to correct your hair color fully. This can be anywhere between 1 to 5 hair appointments. The process of hair color correction is not a fast one. In order to get the best results, you want to take things slowly, while keeping the damage to your hair in mind as well.

The change will be gradual and after every appointment, your hair will be assessed and then it will be decided whether more correction is needed in your hair or not.

All in all, color correction can be a huge lifesaver for your hair and it can turn your hair from nothing to something, in no time specializing if you need to attend an event or a wedding. As prevention in the future, try to avoid giving in to the temptation of dyeing your hair at home, especially if you’re a beginner.

Let the professionals handle your hair. That’s not to say that they won’t mess up, but their correction will be far more precise and they can handle the situation timely and save your hair from immense damage. The key is to be open and transparent with your hair colorist and show them exactly what you want your hair to look like, in the end.


Color correction is like the cherry on top of your hair dye. It doesn’t only make your hair look uniform in color, but it also brings vibrancy to the mane and makes your hair dye stand out. Only go to the best hair color correction hair salons Rockville for the treatment.

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