Guide On How To Avoid Buying Fake Designer Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses are loved by many people as they are elegant looking and give you emotional satisfaction as you feel that you are wearing high-end units. Due to their popularity, there are plenty of fake of designer units in the market and you can easily buy them thinking that you are buying genuine units. To help you out here is a guide to help you buy the real units:

Take a look at the prices of sunglasses

As mentioned, the sunglasses are high-end and as you would expect from any high-end product, the sunglasses don’t come cheap. Genuine sunglasses don’t cost less than $200. If you come across units going for a price lower than this, they are definitely fake and you should stay away from them.

Examine the label and logo of the sunglasses

Fashionable sunglasses have their logos on the arms, lenses and sometimes inside the ear piece. All the logos and labels use consistent font, size, and colors. When making the purchase, you should carefully go through the logo and label and ensure that they are consistent. If you come across any mistakes such as misspelled name, you should stay away from the sunglasses.

Check sunglasses components

It’s common for high-end sunglasses to come with components such as additional hinges and screws. If you open the box and find plastic screws or hinges, the units are most likely counterfeits. To maintain a reputation, designers take their time to give their units solid construction. During packing, the designers pack their units with high-quality, strong components.

Check the packaging of the sunglasses.

You can tell whether the sunglasses are real or not by simply looking at their packaging. Before opening the units, take your time to go through the packaging. The box should have the designer’s logo and Universal Product Code. If you bought the sunglasses online and they don’t have the barcode sticker, chances are that they are fake, and you should return them to the seller.


Above is a guide on how to buy genuine sunglasses. To reduce your chances of buying fake sunglasses, you should take your time to research and only buy from a reputable sunglasses store. When buying online, be cautious when buying from china sellers as china is a hotbed of counterfeit products. Before hitting the buy button, first, check the ratings and reviews of the seller and ensure that the seller is reputable and has high ratings.

Goggles Vs. Sport Sunglasses

When you are in the mountains skiing, you need to protect your eyes. To do so, you have two options: using ski goggles or sunglasses. Most first-time skiers are confused about the units that they should go with. To help you out, here are the pros of goggles and sunglasses that will help you make the decision:

Pros of ski goggles

Compared to sunglasses, goggles cover a large area of your face thus creating a seal against your skin that traps heats and keeps your face warm. The seal also keeps ice crystals from getting into your eyes. Goggles also come with a strap that keeps them tightly against your face. This ensures that the goggles don’t come off when you fall. As a result, they don’t pose a danger to you like sunglasses.

Since the lenses in snow goggles are farther apart from your eyes, they provide you with unhindered peripheral vision. This allows you to ski at high speeds while having a clear view of where you are going. When it comes to design, goggles have a comfortable design that allows them to comfortably fit your face even when you are wearing a helmet. The comfort is brought by the fact that most of the goggles are made from nylon, rubber, and other softer materials.

Pros of sunglasses

Compared to goggles, the sunglasses are lighter, thus ideal for you if you are new to skiing. The last thing you want is to struggle to maintain balance and keep the glasses in place. If you have eye conditions such as long or long-sightedness, you can easily find prescription lenses.

While functionality is the most important feature you should consider when buying sports sunglasses, it doesn’t harm buying fashionable sunglasses. There are many designers that design high-end sunglasses; therefore, there are plenty of designer sunglasses in the market that you can go with. In addition to the above pros, sunglasses don’t fog up easily; therefore, you don’t have to keep on removing them every now and then.


These are the pros of goggles and sunglasses. You should weigh the pros and settle on the best units. When making the purchase, ensure that you buy units that feel comfortable for you. If you are into fashion, go with units that show your personality. To be sure that your units are of high quality and genuine, buy from a reputable sunglasses store.

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