Why Did My Heat Pump Stop Suddenly In Winter?

When it’s cold outside, the heat pump is the only appliance you can rely on. Although it is supposed to keep your house cozy and comfortable, sometimes it can run into problems. If your heat pump has suddenly stopped working, there is a problem so you need to know a thing or two about heat pump repair. We will share the potential reasons and what you can do to get your heat pump running back to normal.

Dirty Or Clogged Filters

Heat pumps come with air filters installed that keep the dirt, dust, and debris from entering the house. With time, the air filters are supposed to become dirty and clogged. Generally, heat pumps come with one or two air filters installed but that depends on the make, model, and variant.

If the air filters are dirty, you must clean or replace them especially if the heat pump happens to be old. You need to make sure the inspection and cleaning of air filters is part of regular maintenance. The cleaning and maintenance of the air filters is easy and depends on the usage frequency of the heat pump.

If you use the heat pump all year long, you will need to check the filters at least once a month. However, to ensure your heat pump works smoothly, you will need to schedule professional maintenance as well. Dirty or clogged filters put additional stress on the unit and may result in expensive repairs and replacements.

Moreover, dirty or clogged filters can also cause contaminated air to be circulated in the house. This could lead to chronic breathing problems, especially for kids and the elderly.

The Outdoor Unit Is Covered With Snow

Another reason your heat pump might have suddenly stopped working in winter is if the outdoor unit is covered with snow. If you live in a cold region, the outdoor unit may get covered with layers of snow and ice which makes heat distribution difficult.

Modern heat pumps are smart and equipped with automatic defrost functions. But that might not work depending on the accumulation of snow on the unit. That said, check the outdoor unit and use a tool to thaw some ice. Make sure to avoid using sharp object or too much force as it could damage the unit.

Moreover, if your heat pump is not defrosting the unit, you should get help from heat pump repair services Huntington.

Constantly Fiddling With The Thermostat

The most effective and efficient way of using a heat pump is to run it at a constant temperature. If you fiddle with the thermostat regularly, the heat pump might stop functioning altogether as it has to adjust to the temperature. Not only that, constantly changing the temperature also increases the energy bills.

So, if you have temperature-sensitive people in the house, it might be a better idea to opt for some other heat sources. Once you have set the temperature, let the heat pump run for a while until changing the temperature again. If that does not solve the issue, the thermostat may be faulty.

With time, electronic appliances experience wear and tear as well and the same goes for the thermostat. It could be that your thermostat’s batteries are drained or the thermostat needs calibration. You should also check its location in the house.

If you have recently got a new thermostat, you will need to get it checked. Unfortunately, damaged thermostats cannot be repaired and you will need to opt for the exact replacement.

Heat Pump Was Incorrectly Installed

Not many people are aware of the fact that incorrect installation of the heat pump can also lead to complications. It could be either in the case of a newly installed heat pump or a unit that was recently serviced. This usually happens when people opt for cheap services regardless of their skills and experience.

Heat pump professionals are supposed to be equipped with insurance, licenses, and appropriate skills to ensure the longevity of the heat pump. Therefore, when it is time to install a new unit or service, make sure you opt for someone who has prior experience.

Heat Pump Is Not The Right Size

Heat pumps come in many shapes and sizes. The decision to pick the best option lies in the area you need to warm up. The bigger the area, the bigger the heat pump. However, in most cases, homeowners believe that opting for a smaller or a bigger heat pump is going to save them energy, which is not the case.

A smaller heat pump will struggle to warm up a bigger area and will run constantly resulting in high energy bills. Meanwhile, a bigger heat pump will constantly trip as it will achieve the set temperature in a smaller room relatively faster.

Therefore, you must measure the area and consult an expert before making the final decision. Heat pumps do not come cheap and will serve years before needing a replacement. So, make a wise decision.

Heat Pump Is Too Old

If nothing else, it could simply be that your heat pump is too old. Heat pumps will serve more than a decade on average if maintained properly. After that, they will start experiencing problems as the components turn weaker with time. If you observe that your heat pump regularly needs repairs and replacements, you will need to replace the unit.

Although many people stick to fixing the issues, there is no point in spending money on an old HVAC unit that will break down again in a short while. So, avoid spending too much on the unit and save some money to buy a new unit.

House Is Not Properly Insulated

Before installing a heat pump, you need to keep in mind that your house should be properly insulated. If there are cracks, holes, damage, etc. in the walls and floors, the warm air will escape even before it enters the house. This not only stresses the heat pump but also increases your electricity bills.

If your heat pump is running for hours, it could heat up and automatically shut down as a safety feature. This means you need to perform a thorough inspection of the house and ensure that the house is properly insulated without any holes or areas that may leak the heat outside.

Power And Electrical Problems

You should also check the power cord and the outlet your heat pump is connected to. It could be that the power cord is damaged or the circuit breaker has tripped due to which your heat pump is suddenly off.

Moreover, the electrical connections inside the heat pump may be bad. If that is the case, you might sense a burning smell. If you do, you must turn off your heat pump and contact an expert because it can cause a fire or an explosion.


In the end, a heat pump that has stopped suddenly in winter might create frustration and panic. However, you should keep the tips mentioned above in mind to quickly troubleshoot the issue. On top of that, contact HVAC companies Port Jefferson to make sure your heat pump receives proper expert maintenance to promote efficiency and effectiveness.

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