What Are Braided Rugs? 6 Things To Know About Braided Rugs

Rugs are a great way to decorate your room and make it look welcoming and cozy. There are so many rug types to choose from like Oriental and Persian rugs. Here is everything you need to know about braided rugs.

Braided Rugs–How Are They Made?

Braided rugs were first introduced during the colonial period. Women from this time would take scraps of clothing and turn them into rugs, with an interesting and intricate rolling or braiding technique. Since then, these rugs have been used widely as décor in hotels, homes, and even resorts.

Braided rugs look like regular rugs, but the only difference is that these rugs don’t have a canvas like most rugs do. Their structure and integrity come from the braiding and rolling around itself until it looks like a decent-sized rug. This rug has a very unique texture on its surface as well and this can vary depending on the type of material a manufacturer uses for the rug.

Generally, this rug is made by taking long strands of a material, be it wool, cotton, or something else, and it braided them as you would make a normal plait or braid in your hair. Once the whole strand is braided, one end of the rug is secured in the center and then it is coiled all around the perimeter, until there are no strands left and the rug is secured at the end, with either a small stitch or adhesive. These rugs are available in circular, rectangular as well as square shapes.

Things To Know About Braided Rugs

Here are some things you need to know about braided rugs.

They Are Extremely Versatile

Braided rugs are normally used in living rooms or bedrooms because they look very nice in these types of settings. But you can use these rugs anywhere. These rugs are made from materials that are extremely long-lasting, as well as water resistant, so you can use these rugs even in the bathrooms as well as outdoor spaces. These rugs have a beautiful look and feel to them and they can add a lot of character to any room you place them in.

If you’re going for materials that are synthetic, then there’s no problem in letting these rugs near water or sun, because it’s going to endure moisture and temperature just fine. You can even use them as table rugs for the dining room and they can also work as a wall tapestry. Just make sure that the rug isn’t too heavy, otherwise it might sag against the wall and the whole shape might be ruined.

Braided rugs are very versatile in this case and they can spice up any room, depending on the pattern and color you choose. It’s all about the placement of the rug, which makes all of the difference.

There Are Different Varieties Of Braids

Braided rugs have a variety of ways by which they can be knotted and secured. Here are some braided rug options which are commonly available:

Normal Cloth Braid

This is probably the most common design of braided rugs and this was what made braided rugs very famous. Normal cloth braids are made by taking individual strands of fabric and braiding them together. Sometimes, to add extra strength, the strands are braided and then sewn to give it that extra bit of durability.

The braid is normally done with cloth strands because it’s light and easy to work with, however, these rugs might not be as durable as wool or yarn rugs.

Yarn Braid

This type of braid is made with yarn, which is a lot cheaper than using cloth for braids. Yarn is a lot more readily available and it can add a lot of durability to the rug. The braid design is pretty much the same.

Sometimes, 5 to 6 strands can be used to make an even thicker and more intricate braid. The more strands you add, the more the rug will be stronger and it will last longer too.

Tube Braid

This is probably the most inexpensive type of rug and it looks the most unappealing. Tube braids are made with literal tubes of cloth. It is not very intricate and it lacks detail. Rugs made from this type of fabric are usually quite chunky and it will have a problem staying flat, for the most part. These rugs can also unravel easily since there isn’t a lot of strength in the tubes, which can make the rug stay put. It will fray over time as well.

However, some people love the look of a chunky and rustic rug, which is why there is still demand for rugs made out of tube braids.

How To Clean Braided Rugs?

If you are interested in these rugs, then you might want to know about their maintenance and how they can be cleaned. Well, these rugs take a bit of effort to clean. You can’t just break out your vacuum cleaner and clean the rug in this way, because it can cause fraying around the edges and weaker parts of the rug and it will be ruined in no time.

The best way to clean this rug is to have it dry cleaned or gently wash it in the washing machine or by hand. You, then, want to hang it out in the open air and wait for it to dry completely before you can use it again.

Hand Woven Rugs Vs Machine-Made Rugs

Braided rugs can be handmade or they can be manufactured by machines. The quality and the end result are worlds apart, but some people might prefer machine-made rugs because they are generally less expensive.

Handmade rugs Virginia are obviously better in appearance and they will have a lot more strength than machine-made rugs. A drawback of these rugs is the hefty price. Machine-made rugs, on the other hand, are less expensive and are available in a huge variety of patterns.

Are Braided Rugs Durable?

Braided rugs are surprisingly quite durable and strong. One might think that the braids might not be able to withstand pushing and tugging on the floor, but these rugs come out to be very strong.

The secret lies in the weaving technique of the rug, which allows for added friction and strength against the tugging and manipulation of the general foot traffic on the floor. If the braids are stitched, then they will be even stronger and they won’t unravel as easily.

A Beautiful Rug

All in all, a braided rug is a beautiful rug and because of the braided and coiled design, it looks rustic but clean at the same time. This rug can make any room look amazing and the variety and colors available in the rug will blow your mind.

These rugs are also available in solid colors if you like a more minimal look and don’t want to play with vibrant and bold colors.


There you have it! Braided rugs are very forgiving when it comes to placement. They can be used to dress up any room and the results will be amazing, nonetheless. If you have a braided rug in your bedroom, you can have a traditional rug VA in another room as well.

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