6 Small Condo Remodeling Tips

Renovating your condo can give it a fresh look and the features you want. Updating a small condo is difficult because you want many features, but can’t add all of them without making the space appear small and cluttered. Keep on reading to know small condo remodel tips suggested by home addition contractors which will help you take advantage of the space better.

Floor To Ceiling Cabinets

Small condos need more storage space. You need to use the space you have smartly. Therefore, you should try designs that can aid you in this quest.

When cabinets are installed in kitchens and rooms, they don’t go up to the ceiling. This is a common practice and has some benefits. However, when you need more storage, you should, you should consider the cabinetry to go from the floor to all the way to the ceiling. This practice will make the walls appear heightened and you’ll get the much need storage.

For floor-to-ceiling cabinets, you’ll need custom cabinets that fit exactly your space. So, discuss it with your contractor for dimensions and select the materials and designs.

Colors That Give A Sense Of Space

Choosing colors for your condo’s rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms is critical in giving the illusion of space. A common color people consider in a small condo to make it look spacious is white. They are a good option and serve the purpose well, but bright white colors will also show shadows more prominently.

Therefore, a better approach to expanding the space with paint is selecting warmer and neutral colors. These colors will do the job of making the space appear big, but won’t show noticeable shadows.

When painting the rooms of your condo, undertones play a huge role in the appearance of the space as well. Undertones are the colors that are present in the paint of your choice and make the walls react better to the surrounding colors and different lighting situations.

Consider The Size, Color, And Orientation Of the Tiles

If you’re considering replacing the tiles in your bathroom, flooring, you should use the size, color, and orientation of tiles to your advantage.

For small spaces, a larger size of tiles is better. They will make the area appear bigger because you will get a cleaner look with fewer grout lines and a sense of more space.

Furthermore, you should carefully consider the color and design of the tiles. For your small space, the last color you should select is black. In the same way, any dark color is a no. Select light-colored tiles with lines or veining on them. Lines, veining, or any pattern on tiles create movement in the appearance. They make the eyes move throughout the space and give off a sense of spaciousness.

Another thing to consider for installing tiles in a small condo is the orientation of the tiles. The most common and accepted method of tile orientation is to install them in the same linear direction as the room they’re being installed.

Use Glass Partition Panels

If you can remove completely or partially remove some walls of your condo, you should consider glass partition panels for different spaces within the condo. Walls show a dead end while glass panels give breathability to the space which many small condos can use.

Keep in mind that removing all the walls and making an open floor should be avoided for small spaces, but if you can manage to remove the walls partially and add glass, you will keep the individuality of the spaces while making the condo look bigger.

Add Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture is a necessity for small condos and homes. For instance, a sofa that can turn into a floor bed can save space for you during the day without compromising your sleep quality.

Add Hidden Storage

Similar to multipurpose furniture, look for pieces of furniture that have hidden storage space like a dining table that also serves as a storage unit or sofa arms that have space for storing things inside it.


A cramped condo can be converted into a breathable, refreshing space with the above-mentioned tips. To get more condo remodel DC ideas specific to your space, make sure you hire experienced contractors.

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